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Here are Steps on How to Troubleshoot Issues for Satellite Internet Plans

Here are Steps on How to Troubleshoot Issues for Satellite Internet Plans article image by IPSTAR

If you’re a brand new satellite nbn subscriber, don’t be surprised if you encounter connectivity issues from time to time. As nbn satellite Internet is in its infancy, subscribers can expect such issues and improvements are being made to ensure such issues will be minimised over time.


Meanwhile, here are troubleshooting steps that you need to follow if you experience slow speeds with your satellite Internet broadband service:


  1. If you can’t perform a speed test on your computer, make sure to do the following steps. First, close all tabs you have open on your desktop or PC. Ask other members of your household to stop using the Internet while you test for speed.
  2. If your Internet is working perfectly, you need to check if you’re still within your plan’s data allowance. If you exceed your data allowance, chances are your Internet connection slows down, too!
  3. Run a speed test to check the download and upload speed of your connection.
  4. It is important that you perform power cycling for the modem, router, and computer as well as other mobile devices. Turn them off and on again to complete power cycling. It is recommended to do power cycling at least once or twice monthly.
  5. Inclement weather is sometimes the culprit which causes poor Internet connectivity. Obviously, heavy rains and dark clouds affect the speed of your connection.
  6. Check your Internet browser and clear cookies if needed. If you’re browsing on Chrome, make a switch to another browser. like Safari or Firefox to speed up your Internet connection.
  7. Run your Windows PC on safe mode with networking all the time. Your safe mode will identify and tell you which programs are slowing down your connectivity.


If all these steps don’t improve the speed of your Internet, we highly recommend that you call us immediately on 1300 464 778 so we can provide you with a resolution. In addition, you may mail us your concerns by clicking here.