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Stream videos stress free with nbn Sky Muster Plus

Stream videos stress free with IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus

IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus is a big help for families looking to stream video content at home. At IPSTAR Broadband we know how much our customers love to watch Netflix, Disney Plus, Stan, Amazon Prime, Foxtel Go and YouTube. 
We also understand our customers frustrations that occur when their data runs out. What happens sometimes is, the kids are at home during the weekend and they’re sitting there watching Disney Plus all day. They end up using all the data the family has and for the rest of the month, if the family has a regular nbn Sky Muster Plan, their data is slowed down. It becomes so slow that it is very hard to do anything online such as paying bills, calling family or checking social media and this is frustrating for the entire family. 
With IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus, the frustrations that come when data is all used on streaming videos is gone. Sky Muster Plus offers unmetered data for everything that is not video streaming or VPN use. This means that even when you have reached your metered data allowance for watching videos, you can still video call friends, Wi-Fi call relatives and pay bills online without being slowed down to a snails pace. 
At IPSTAR Broadband, we know how much you all want to stream video. We have a variety of plans to choose from which offer enough video data for the whole family. We also know that it’s often hard to find out how much data is needed and how many hours of streaming the data included in the plan will give. That is why we have prepared the below table to help you when choosing the right IPSTAR Broadband  nbn Sky Muster Plus plan for you and your family.

For families where video streaming is most important, we recommend the Sky Muster Plus 150 as the best option. It will provide your family with up to 150 hours of Netflix on standard definition and is available from $95 per month with 150GB data** plus it also comes with unmetered data for a whole suite of other applications that are vital to working from home and homeschooling kids 

*The Sky Muster Plus 150 is available at $95 per month on a 24-month contract with a minimum cost of $2280. 
**75GB peak data and 75GB off-peak data. 

Why you should plus with us

IPSTAR Broadband has been providing internet connectivity to remote and regional Australians for over a decade. We were the first to provide satellite internet to Australians and our commitment to backing the bush has remained steadfast. We offer Australian based customer service and our team of experts will always be there for you when you need us. At IPSTAR Broadband you are a name, not a number.