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Public Holidays 2020 Opening Hours
New Years Wednesday 1 January 9am – 1pm
Australia Day Monday 27 January 9am – 1pm
Good Friday Friday 10 April 9am – 1pm
Easter Monday Monday 13 April 9am – 1pm
ANZAC Day Monday 27 April 9am – 1pm
Queens Birthday (NSW) Monday 8th June 11:00am – 3pm
Labour Day (NSW) Monday, 5 October 11:00am – 3pm
Christmas Day Friday 25 December Closed
Boxing Day Saturday, 26 December 9am – 1pm

All times are in Australian Eastern Time Zone.

is-2IPSTAR Broadband Email
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is IPSTAR email?
IPSTAR email is a complimentary free web-based email service that we provide with all-new Sky Muster Satellite connections.


How much is IPSTAR email?
The IPSTAR email is a free bundled complimentary service with all new Sky Muster internet services. Please note if you choose to cancel your internet service your email will also be deactivated.


How do I access my IPSTAR email?
Follow the below steps to access your IPSTAR email:

Step 1: Navigate to the IPSTAR website
Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and under the Help & Support section you will see the Webmail Login:

Note* we recommend to bookmark the Email login URL for quick future access.

Step 3: Next enter your username and password which you would have received in your initial welcome email.

If for any reason you have forgot on your login details or locked your account, please contact our friendly support staff on 1300 464 778 and they will assist you in retrieving your details.


What Email support does IPSTAR provide?
IPSTAR only support our webmail email service. If you are having issues using our service through a 3rd party application such as Outlook or Apple Mail we are afraid that we cannot support this as the service is only intended to operate as an online web-based service.


Can I use other 3rd party emails on my IPSTAR internet connection?
Yes you can use other 3rd party emails such as Gmail or Hotmail however if you are using another email service that is hosted with another ISP such as Bigpond Email you will need to apply the below outgoing mail settings for the service to work:
– Outgoing Server Settings:
– Port 25
– Encryption Type: No SSL
– Outgoing Server requires Authentication: Yes
– Username: Full IPSTAR Email Address
– Password: IPSTAR Email Address Password


How do I migrate my IPSTAR Email?
Unfortunately your IPSTAR email address cannot be migrated to another ISP or Email platform however you can set up a new email address such as Gmail and have your existing IPSTAR email forwarded to your new email with along with a message letting all your family and friends know your emails has changed.

Please see the below guide on how to forward your IPSTAR emails to your new email address:

Step 1: Login to the IPSTAR webmail portal

Step 2: Navigate to the Preferences folder:

Step 3: Withing the Preferences folder select the Mail subfolder:

Step 4: Within the Mail folder, navigate to the Receiving Messages section and set your incoming mail forward and auto-reply message along with the time frame that you would like to have the email forward in place.

Please see the below example as a guide:

is-2How to Pay your Bill over the Phone

Paying your bill is now easier and faster! Have your phone ready and settle your bills instantly. Here are the steps to pay over the phone:


Step 1:
Get your most recent invoice ready and refer to the PayWay section located on page 2 of the invoice.

Step 2:
Call 1300 464 778 and select option 1.
Next, listen to the phone prompts and enter the biller code 142257 and your customer number which will be the PayWay reference number located on your invoice.

Step 3: 
Enter the amount you wish to pay in dollars and cents followed by the # key


Step 4: 
Enter your credit card number followed by the # key.

Next, enter the expiry date followed by the # key.

Next, enter the 3-digit security number located at the back of the card next to the signature panel

Next, press 1 if the details are correct

Once the payment has completed you will receive your receipt number.


is-2How To Pay Your Bill On The IPSTAR Broadband Website

Paying your bill at IPSTAR Broadband is very easy. All you need to have ready is your account number, the amount you need to pay and also your card details.

Step 1

Visit IPSTAR Broadband’s Pay My Bill Online page here:

Step 2

Locate your account number on your monthly invoice. It can be found on the top right of the invoice as seen in the image below. The enter this information in the webpage where it asks for the account number.

Step 3

Locate you total amount due as seen in the image below. Then enter this amount in the form.

Step 4

Have your bank card ready and enter the details in the bank card section of the form.

Step 5

Press the “Pay” button to pay your IPSTAR Broadband bill.


is-2Home Networking Tips – What Should You Get?


The internet is something we all need in our daily lives and we rely on the internet to do almost everything we do these days. Some of these things include online banking, working from home, running a business, kid’s homework, gaming, watching TV shows or movies plus much more. The internet is essentially the center of all of our lives.

The internet is the central point of our customers lives and it’s connected through a home network, usually with just one router. But many of our customers need help with choosing the right type of router or modem router for their home and are not sure which is best for them. There’s also the option of getting a Wi-Fi mesh router for homes that are quite large, or need something extra to get the signal around thick walls or large furniture.

What is the difference between a router and a modem router?

A modem router contains everything needed within it such as the modem, router and access point. It is suitable for ADSL and VDSL connections and acts as a bridge between the internet and the home network. But may not be necessary if you already have a modem. A router on the other hand enables wireless connectivity in a home and sends content from the modem, through the router and then to the devices connected wirelessly to the router in the home. Routers are usually connected to modems via an Ethernet cable.

What is mesh Wi-Fi or Whole home Wi-Fi?

When you have router or a modem router in your home, it is just one unit that sits in one part of your home and the signal from it needs to travel from that point to every room in the home. Many people will find often when they have just one router in their home, that in some places the signal is great, but maybe in the bedroom upstairs, the signal isn’t so great at all, in fact it may be awful there. Maybe you are able to stream something like Netflix really well in your living room, but when you go to your bedroom to do it, it buffers and it’s slow. Many will think it’s their internet speed and will call their internet provider on the phone, but actually it may just be that the router in the home isn’t able to reach the bedroom that well. It’s just too far away.

A mesh Wi-Fi router will be able to deal with the issue of distance and improve signals in hard to reach areas. A mesh system consists of a single router that connects to your modem. But it comes with a series of satellite devices that can be placed around the home which can connect to the router and broadcast a stronger signal. A mesh network will be able to reach more devices and has far greater range than a single router. It is also much more adaptable than traditional routers as the satellite devices that make up the mesh system can be placed virtually anywhere in a home allowing the Wi-Fi signal and thus the internet to be reachable in every single room.