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  • Status of your network connection

    Here you can find event notices that may affect your internet service with IPSTAR Broadband. Should you be experiencing an issue that is not covered by a notice below, please check out our support pages to find helpful support articles or call our support line on 1300 464 778.

  • Fixed Line and Fixed Wireless 3rd Party Router Setup Guide

    IPSTAR Broadband strongly suggest using our supplied routers to guarantee a compatible connection and correct settings so you can access your internet day one. However, if you would like to use your own existing router, we have put together the below guide to walk you through the setup process. *Note every router is different so…

  • Wireless Routers for Fixed Line

    IPSTAR Broadband Standard Modem Router A superior and affordable modem router suitable for medium-sized homes   Key Information This router is suitable for nbn fixed line Connections Suitable for plan speeds up to 50/20 Mbps This router is suitable for a home of 2-3 bedrooms   Features Wi-Fi so you are not tethered with a…

  • Download TeamViewer

    We use TeamViewer to help our customers who need technical support by establishing incoming and outgoing remote desktop and computer-to-computer connections for real-time support or access. TeamViewer for Windows   This version of TeamViewer has to be downloaded and installed onto the customer’s computer.   This version is downloaded and then customer runs the file…