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Service Set Up

  • Do you have a granny flat or outbuilding that shares the same address as your primary residence? Have a shed that has been converted into an office or a family member living in a separate dwelling? Have you had problems with getting connected to the internet from it? If you do then we have the […]

  • Once we have received your order it can take up to 16 days for the service to be installed depending on your location. As soon as we have received your application, if required, we will arrange for an installation agent to get in touch and arrange an appointment to install the new Satellite equipment at […]

  • Turn off your IPSTAR Broadband modem and wireless router if you are using one. Unplug the Ethernet cable that goes from the modem to the computer or if you are using a wireless router this cable will go from the modem to the back of the router. Plug the Ethernet cable from Step 2 into […]

  • These terms and conditions are only for personal accounts. The 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee is available to you if you’re a new IPSTAR Broadband customer, approved for a 12 or 24 month plan only, and it doesn’t count for plan or speed changes. To cancel your service, you can give us a call on […]

  • Turn off your nbn™ modem and wireless router if you are using one. Unplug the Ethernet cable (this may be a different color to the one pictured) that goes from the modem to the computer or if you are using a wireless router this cable will go from the modem to the back of the […]

  • Initial Physical Setup 1. Connect the power cable to the Wi-Fi Router. 2. Connect the power adapter to the power point. 3. Connect the Ethernet cable into the ‘Internet’ or ‘WAN’ port. This can vary depending on what router you have. 4. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into port UNI-D1 at the […]

  • Setting up PPPoE/PPPoA
    January 23, 2017

    Click on the Network Connections icon, at the bottom right hand side of your computer screen. Click on “Open Network and Sharing Center.” Click on “Set up a new Connection or Network.” Select, then click on “Connect to the Internet” and click on the “Next” button. If you have a connection already registered, click on […]

  • How Does Satellite Broadband Work? Satellite broadband involves the delivery of internet service through satellite signals. A satellite dish antenna is usually installed on the roof of a house to order to receive and transmit data from a satellite that orbits the earth. The satellite transmits data to a network of larger satellite dishes that […]

  • What is the difference between nbn™ Fixed Line and nbn™ Fixed Wireless? While both fixed line and fixed wireless broadband services are similar, fixed line broadband is delivered through a fibre optic cable, while fixed wireless broadband is delivered through the air by radio communications via antennas which transmit a signal directly to a small […]

  • How does optic fibre technology work? In Optic fibre technology, electronic information is converted into light pulses using a transmitter. When a signal reaches the other side, it gets converted back to electronic information with the help of an optical receiver. Why is information transmitted faster and of higher over fibre optic cables compared to […]

  • Moving house
    June 05, 2018

    Moving House When You’re with IPSTAR Broadband   What you should do next   Let IPSTAR Broadband know as early as possible about your move so that we can help you. Your new house may be on a different nbn technology so it’s best to call us on 1300 477 827 so we can see […]

  • For the nbn Satellite service, IPSTAR Broadband offers 4 types of routers. Basic, Standard, Advanced and Premium. At IPSTAR Broadband we provide the following with the router: Support of the device Configuration of the device Setup instructions Compatibility with the service you are on Warranty Peace of mind If you are still unsure of which […]

  • What is IPSTAR Broadband (ABG) Satellite Service? IPSTAR Broadband (ABG) service is a historical Satellite service.  The Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG) program which was replaced by services available from NBN Co on 30 June 2011. How is this different from IPSTAR Broadband nbn Satellite Service? This service does not use the nbn Sky Muster Satellite […]

  • Depending on the type of nbn connection that you have available at your home will determine what type of wireless modem or router that you will need. Please see below for an explanation on each of the types of Technology and the required device.   Fibre to the Node (FTTN) This is a type of […]

  • Basic Router ($70) A superior and affordable router suitable for small & medium homes   Key information This router is suitable for nbn Satellite and nbn Fixed Wireless Connection Suitable for plan speeds from 12/1Mbps up to 25/5Mbps This router is suitable for a home of 1-2 bedrooms   Features Suitable for streaming, gaming and […]

  • IPSTAR Broadband Standard Modem Router A superior and affordable modem router suitable for medium-sized homes   Key Information This router is suitable for nbn fixed line Connections Suitable for plan speeds up to 50/20 Mbps This router is suitable for a home of 2-3 bedrooms   Features Wi-Fi so you are not tethered with a […]

  • IPSTAR Broadband strongly suggest using our supplied routers to guarantee a compatible connection and correct settings so you can access your internet day one. However, if you would like to use your own existing router, we have put together the below guide to walk you through the setup process. *Note every router is different so […]