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The Benefits of Signing Up for nbn Wireless Broadband Service

The Benefits of Signing Up for NBN Wireless Broadband Service article image by IPSTAR

nbn fixed wireless plans are becoming increasingly popular especially in rural and regional Australia. People who relied on ADSL2 technology are now shifting to wireless nbn service due to the improvement in speed and reliability. So what exactly is nbn wireless broadband? Here are some important details about nbn wireless plans that you need to know before signing up for one.


What Is nbn fixed wireless broadband?


In essence, fixed wireless technology offers broadband Internet to a single area through radio waves. Instead of traditional copper wire technology, the utilisation of radio waves to transmit signals eliminates the need for installation of phone and cable lines.


A lot of people confuse fixed wireless with satellite nbn service. These two are different in so many ways. For one, satellite nbn is only available in remote areas of Australia and distant islands within the territory. Fixed wireless nbn is mainly available in rural and regional areas.


On the other hand, satellite nbn and nbn wireless broadband share similar features. too. For one, both of these services require the installation of a satellite dish or antenna. Additionally, both offer high speed reliable Internet without any installation or use cable lines.


What makes nbn Wireless Broadband Best for Rural Australia?


Whilst the reliability of satellite nbn is compromised by bad weather conditions, this is not the case with fixed wireless broadband. Towers that cater to fixed wireless customers are land-based, which means that inclement weather conditions will not disrupt the efficiency of connecting to the Internet.


The signal transmission from tower to households is relatively short. This means that nbn wireless plans subscribers enjoy more consistency in their respective connections.


Latency is undeniably one of the main selling points of fixed wireless nbn. nbn fixed wireless boasts better latency or low latency values, which makes it possible for subscribers to enjoy speedy Internet any time of day.


If you want to discover the other benefits of fixed wireless nbn, feel free to call us on 132 800 if you have additional questions regarding the nbn deals we have on offer.