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Three Tips for a Faster Web Browsing Experience Using nbn Satellite Broadband at Home

We all want to have a fast web browsing experience at home. To make things short and simple, nobody is willing to wait for web pages to load slowly on their screen. If you’re one of those people who likes multiple tabs open in one browser, speed is absolutely crucial. But how do you ensure that you and your family can enjoy more speed at home?


In this article, we present some tips and tricks on how to make use of more speed for a pleasant online browsing experience.


  • Use a fast Internet browser


Using a fast browser is a guaranteed method of enjoying top online browsing speed. According to experts, Google Chrome is faster than browsers such as Safari and Firefox. In addition, Google Chrome speeds up things by allowing users to enter their intended search words directly in the URL address bar itself, thereby eliminating the need to use another tool bar for searching.


  • Disable Flash


The simple activity of turning off Flash by default will impact the overall speed of your Internet connection. You can turn on or re-enable Flash whenever required. You need to add on tools to your browser to automatically block Flash. There are also browsers that feature built-in tools, so you don’t have to download them separately altogether.


  • Eliminate Toolbars


Most browsers are saturated with toolbars that not only take up space in the browser window but also slow down Internet speed altogether. A lot of satellite nbn users don’t realise this, but toolbars actually slow down the browser experience in more ways than one. Some toolbars not only affect speed, but also eat up bandwidth and your computer’s memory. Get rid of non-essential toolbars and only leave those which you deem are necessary when online.


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