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Top 8 reasons to switch from mobile to satellite

Top 8 reasons IPSTAR customers are switching to nbn Satellite

Rural Australians now have access to broadband speeds, three times faster than previous satellite offerings and up to double the data downloads, all for the same price they pay today. “Broadband satellite services are getting closer to those available in metro areas, changing the way rural Australians stay connected, run their businesses and educate their families” stated Shannon Fisher, GM IPSTAR Australia. “At IPSTAR Australia we are seeing huge demand for the service as those Australians living in remote regions realise the full potential of the new broadband services”.

The IPSTAR nbn Sky Muster service has the potential to connect Australians with the world, no matter where you live. Our technicians, network engineers and Australian-based support centres are helping Aussies get connected and with over ten years’ experience supporting rural Australian’s we know how to help.

If you have only had limited mobile Internet access or no Internet at all up to this point, you might be wondering why nbn Sky Muster is such an important development. Here are the top eight reasons our customers have started to make the switch.

  1. More data and faster, for the same price

If you are currently on a 3G or 4G mobile plan, you will be paying an average of $35 for 5 GB or $55 for 10GB at a speed of 4mbps. When you switch to Satellite, you will pay $50 for 35GB of data at a dramatically faster speed of 25 mbps. Finally rural Australians have the connectivity they deserve, at three times the current speed and double the data limits.

  1. Enhance learning with interactive videos

The improved satellite communications technology opens up exciting educational opportunities for people of all ages.     While children can ask for help with their homework assignments or access a wide range of online resources, adults can also benefit from comprehensive remote education opportunities.

  1. Bank and shop at home – no need to wait for a trip to town

You no longer need to arrange a tedious trip into town to take care of administrative issues. Now you can shop and bank online at your convenience without having to wait minutes for the online bank site to load or get frustrated when it keeps dropping out!

  1. Chat with Family and Friends

With efficient and reliable Internet connection, you can keep in regular contact with friends and family members online, either through Skype, emails or social media sites. Previously with limited speeds and downloads, you had to be careful how much time you spent online and often wait for pages to load on your screen. With IPSTAR nbn Satellite that is a thing of the past.

  1. Diagnose health issues within hours not days

nbn Sky Muster connects you to the rest of the world, importantly when you need to summon medical attention to a remote location. The government has established a number of medical websites and helplines so assistance is available around the clock, whether you need a professional diagnosis or summon emergency treatment.

  1. Practice Smart Farming

nbn Sky Muster enables farmers to improve their yield and lower costs by developing “smart farming” techniques such as remotely monitoring the water and nutrient levels in the soil. Farmers also have the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest scientific developments and equipment so they can make informed decisions.

  1. Expand your business network

With a faster and more reliable Internet connection, remote businesses will benefit from stronger communication channels between business owners, staff, suppliers and customers. By expanding and strengthening your communication network, you can conduct business more efficiently, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

  1. Relax and enjoy your favourite shows

When everything else is done, you can wind down at the end of the day watching the latest television shows at your leisure! We will give you the right package for your needs so you can watch online shows like Netflix and still retain the best performance.

Are you ready to bring the world to your doorstep? Don’t put up with limited data and slow Internet speeds. Sign up for IPSTAR Australia nbn Satellite today.