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What is the Best Regional Broadband Service Plan for Outback Australia?

What is the Best Regional Broadband Service Plan for Outback Australia? article image by IPSTAR

People in rural, regional, and remote Australia yearn for better Internet service. This desire inspired the rollout of the National Broadband Service’s latest Internet broadband solutions. Telecommunications and Internet services in the bush until now have always been mediocre. The purpose of nbn is to build better infrastructure across the entire country, so all Australians, regardless of location, can enjoy fast and reliable Internet broadband at all times.


Geographical location has stopped many people from the outback communities from enjoying lightning speed Internet they deserve. Instead, people living in regional communities are left to utilise ADSL2+ and older technologies putting them at a disadvantage. The rollout of nbn helps in solving this issue by giving customers in remote, rural, and regional areas the option to choose from brand new nbn plans—all of which promise better service than traditional Internet service providers.


Satellite nbn Plans for Faster Regional Internet Service


Did you know that there are still homes in Outback Australia that make use of dial-up technology to connect to the Internet? This may sound primitive, but it is the harsh truth about the digital divide in Australia.


Since the rollout of nbn, people are abandoning their primitively slow dial-ups and ADSL2+ lines for cutting edge nbn satellite broadband deals.


nbn satellite broadband service gives Australians living in the Outback an opportunity to close the digital divide for good. It’s the only nbn Internet service that is offered to people who are out of reach of the more common fixed wireless and fixed line nbn services. More good news is the fact that the Australian government offers assistance in terms of installation costs for regional homeowners who wish to switch to nbn satellite sooner than later. As the costs of satellite dish installation can be very high for people in the bush, assistance from the government makes it a reality to transition to new, more efficient technology within a short period of time.


Although satellite nbn is still more expensive than nbn fixed wireless or fixed line, it still solves the speed and bandwidth problems that regional Internet users using old-school, almost obsolete Internet broadband technologies suffer from. Households with multiple devices and heavy Internet users cannot stream movies and download music at the same time with ease.


Interested subscribers also need to understand that although satellite nbn is considered a far better option than copper wire network service, this technology is still in its infancy and has a few drawbacks. The quality of Internet service is mainly dependent on the prevailing weather conditions and cloud coverage. This means that there will still be times when the Internet service may not be as fast or reliable due to the fact that satellite technology efficiency is still affected by external factors such as the weather to name a few.


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