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Data Saving Tips

  • How to save data when using Twitter

    How to save data when using Twitter

    Twitter is one of the world’s top most used social media websites and we know that our customers always enjoy spending time there. People love to follow their friends, celebrities, favourite brands and political figures. But scrolling through the Twitter newsfeed past all those auto playing videos and high resolution images can use up quite…

  • 4 Tips To Save Instagram Data

    4 Tips To Save Instagram Data

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks and is a must have app on any active social media users mobile device. The service helps people connect with their friends, follow celebrities, engage with brands and even build businesses. But as a mostly image and video based service, it can use up quite…

  • How To Download Netflix Videos On Windows 10 During Off-Peak

    We recently released a Netflix article about reducing data usage when watching Netflix at home whilst streaming or when downloading TV shows or movies on your phone, tablets or in your browser. If you have not read our Netflix data saving article you can find that right here. This article focuses in on the Windows…